Hatchet Buried: Trump Posts Flurry of EIGHT Pro-Trump Fox News Clips Within 30 Minutes in Truth Social Spree

March 14, 2024

Former President Donald Trump appears to hold Fox News in much higher standing than he’s claimed recently, evidenced by a flurry of social media posts all featuring remarkably pro-Trump segments that recently aired on the right-of-center cable news network. It’s not unique for Trump to amplify any media that either defend him from what he paints as partisan attacks — or attacks against his partisan rivals. But given the tortured, some might say abusive relationship the 45th president has with the network most responsible for his political rise to power? It wasn’t that long ago that Trump was lashing out at Fox News, seething about what he clearly saw as unfair coverage during a Republican primary he eventually won handily. But times have changed and Trump has effectively secured the Republican nomination.