High blood pressure speeds up mental decline, but does not fully explain dementia disparities - Chiropractic + Naturopathic Doctor

February 18, 2024

High blood pressure means faster slide into signs of dementia or Alzheimer's, but does not explain the overall disparity between Hispanic/Latino people and non-Hispanic people in dementia risk. People with high blood pressure levels face a faster erosion of their ability to think, make decisions and remember information than those with normal blood pressure levels, a new study finds. On average, they had access to nearly eight years of data from each person, including systolic blood pressure, which is the top number in any blood pressure reading. At enrollment, the average systolic blood pressure was lower in Hispanic adults than non-Hispanic white adults (132.5 mmHg compared with 134 mmHg), despite Hispanic adults having older age than non-Hispanic adults (62 versus 54) and blood pressure tending to increase with age. Overall, the downward trend in thinking and memory due to high blood pressure happened at the same pace in both groups.

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