Hillary Clinton calls Joe Biden’s age a ‘legitimate issue’

February 11, 2024

Former First Lady Hillary Clinton said she believes President Biden’s age is a “legitimate” campaign issue even as the commander-in-chief is under fire over a damning special counsel’s report accusing him of being senile. “I talked to people in the White House all the time, and you know, they know it’s an issue, but as I like to say, ‘look, it’s a legitimate issue,’” Clinton told MSNBC’s Alex Wagner earlier this week. “It’s a legitimate issue for [ex-President Donald] Trump who’s only three years younger, right? “I think he should be willing to really pull that out … and I think he should kid more about it.”Hillary Clinton said President Biden’s age is a “legitimate” campaign issue. “I’m for Joe Biden for reelection on the merits because I think he’s done a really good job as president,” Clinton said.