Hollywood's Walk of SHAME: Once-glamorous boulevard is filthy, overrun by homelessness and struggling to cope with soaring crime after police patrols were HALVED - but is it now finally getting a face

January 23, 2024

The iconic LA landmark, once the epitome of glitz and glamour, is disappointing visitors with its dirty sidewalks and repulsing locals who have experienced violent attacks. It comes as the 1.3-mile stretch along Hollywood Boulevard, often closed off for movie premieres and other A-list events, is currently undergoing a much-needed renovation. However, the plans to do not address the rise in homelessness and violent crime, which is up significantly in recent years. 'I've witnessed a hostage situation at one of the apartment complexes on Hollywood Boulevard. 'The idea of modernizing and making Hollywood Boulevard one of the most beautiful streets in the world is still there.'