Holocaust survivor hails 'wonderful' German anti-right protests

January 31, 2024

Eva Szepesi said Germany's 'wonderful constitution and democracy' deserved defending against forces seeking to undermine them (Tobias SCHWARZ)Holocaust survivor Eva Szepesi on Wednesday welcomed mass German protests against the resurgent far right but said stronger action was crucial to stand up to rising anti-Semitism. "It is wonderful that so many people took to the streets in recent weeks to demonstrate against right-wing extremism," Szepesi, 91, told the chamber. She said Germany's "wonderful constitution and democracy" deserved defending against forces seeking to undermine them, without mentioning the far-right AfD party by name. After the war, Szepesi and her husband, a fellow Holocaust survivor, settled in Germany due to Cold War upheaval in Hungary. But she expressed alarm about a sharp rise in anti-Semitic crimes recorded in Germany since the war between Israel and Hamas broke out.