Horror pics show INSIDE America’s ‘Covid lab’ where monkeys & pigs are given deadly diseases in Wuhan-like experiments

January 30, 2024

Photos and footage obtained by watchdog White Coat Waste show scientists at the Rocky Mountain Lab sedating monkeys and pigs - and carrying out experiments with deadly viruses. Experiments with SARS-like viruses at the Rocky Mountain Lab have reportedly stopped - but experiments on deadly pathogens are still being carried out, White Coat Waste said. Experiments include injecting pigs with Ebola and injecting monkeys with Covid, White Coat Waste said. It's suggested by some that it had been meddled with and souped by in so-called Frankenvirus experiments at the Wuhan lab. 7 White Coat Waste obtained photos of animal experiments Credit: Images Obtained by White Coat Waste Project7 Photos show researchers sedating and experimenting on monkeys Credit: Images Obtained by White Coat Waste Project

The source of this news is from https://www.the-sun.com/news/10223150