How America fell out of love with ice cream

July 17, 2023

Ice cream is “the ultimate comfort food.”Drinkers swapped a pint for a scoop, and for ice cream makers, Prohibition was a boon. “In fact they say that the ice cream business is bound to increase in volume from year to year as more people are using ice cream since the coming in of nation-wide prohibition and the going out of the saloon.”The interest in ice cream continued in World War II, buoyed by the government’s use of the frozen dessert to help boost morale. Margaret Bourke-White/The LIFE Picture Collection/Shutterstock“We built pop-up ice cream factories on the front lines, delivered individual ice cream cartons to foxholes and spent more than a million dollars on a floating ice cream barge that patrolled the Pacific delivering ice cream,” Siegel said. Scoops of Falooda ice cream are placed on top Blueberry Lavender ice cream at Pints of Joy in Sunnyvale, California. Today, she teaches aspiring ice cream entrepreneurs how to make ice cream.