How drone strike death of US soldiers in Jordan takes us a step closer to WW3 - as Trump has warned - and Biden's response could further drag in Britain and play directly into the hands of Putin

January 29, 2024

The deaths of three US soldiers in a drone attack by Iran-backed militants risk further inflaming the on-going crisis in the Middle East, experts have warned. Too strong, and Biden risks plunging the Middle East into a deeper conflict. Former CIA Director John Brennan described the deadly attack as a 'dangerous escalation' in the Middle East amid the Israel-Hamas war. Meanwhile, British MP and former soldier Tobias Ellwood warned that any escalating conflict in the Middle East also impacts the UK. 'This does affect Britain, we need to make it very clear: This is not an operation of choice, it's a necessity because our economy is increasingly being affected by instability in the Middle East,' he added.