‘Huge Victory’: Trump’s Neo-Nazi Dinner Guest Praises Charlie Kirk For Becoming a ‘White Supremacist’

February 10, 2024

Avowed neo-Nazi Nick Fuentes praised Charlie Kirk, the co-founder and CEO of pro-Trump student group Turning Point USA, this week for becoming a “hardcore” white nationalist and “white supremacist.”“Charlie Kirk, as we know, has become a white supremacist. “Like Charlie Kirk has become a white nationalist hardcore,” continued Fuentes – who has denied the Holocaust and called for non-Christians to be executed. But if Posobiec is coming out swinging on both fronts,” he continued referring to conspiracy theorist Jack Posobiec who he argues with both anti-Israel and a white nationalist. When white nationalist Nick Fuentes approvingly notes that Charlie Kirk "has become a white supremacist," who are we to disagree? "Charlie Kirk has become a white nationalist, hard core."