Hunger soars and aid dwindles as gangs in Haiti suffocate the country

March 16, 2024

Some 1.4 million Haitians are on the verge of famine, and more than 4 million require food aid, sometimes eating only once a day or nothing at all, aid groups say. “Haiti is facing a protractive and mass hunger,” Jean-Martin Bauer, Haiti director for the United Nation’s World Food Program, told The Associated Press. This is not a life.”More than 200 gangs are believed to operate in Haiti, with nearly two dozen concentrated in Port-au-Prince and surrounding areas. USAID said some 5.5 million people in Haiti — nearly half the population — need humanitarian aid, and pledged $25 million in addition to the $33 million announced earlier this week. Bauer, with the U.N., said the humanitarian appeal for Haiti this year is less than 3% funded, with the World Food Program needing $95 million in the next six months.