Inside Europe’s most dangerous city plagues by carjackings, drug cartels and the mafia

July 25, 2023

Sicilian port city of CataniaOn the surface, Catania, Italy makes for a striking Mediterranean city with ancient piazzas and vibrant Baroque buildings. But nestled in the shadow of Mount Etna, Sicily's "Black City" is in the grips of a crime epidemic with street muggings and carjackings on the rise. The seizure was the largest in Italy's history pointing to the growing significance of Sicility and the port of Catania to drug cartels operating in the Mediterranean. Tourists flock to marvel at Catania each year at Mount Etna's frequent eruptions are often rich pickings for street gangs. Low-level street crime in not the only concern, Catania is also blighted by organised criminals linked to the powerful 'Ndrangheta' mafia clans.