Inside violent 'woke' gang that defeated 'whites-only' Hells Angels in bloody brawl

March 20, 2023

Peter said: “Its name can be interpreted as a dig at the Hells Angels, who for years were lily white.”The United Nations wanted to attract non-white members in opposition of the racist Hells Angels biker group, who were the dominant gang in British Columbia. A mob of Hells Angels and their supporters rocked up to Animals nightclub, which they perceived as “theirs”. They started to bully a group of Asian patrons at the club, who just so happened to be United Nations members. That was one of the biggest fights I'd ever been in.”A group of 70 United Nations members fought in retaliation and expelled 30 Hells Angels from the club. (Image: the Hells Angels are getting “more diverse nowadays”, Peter said, “but are nothing like the United Nations”.