Instagram’s Sneaky Move to Limit Political Content Outrages Users

March 23, 2024

Instagram users were blindsided by the platform’s sneaky rollout of a new content-filtering tool limiting political content—a setting the social-media giant made default for many accounts without ever directly informing users. “The timing of this feature is very suspicious to me,” one Instagram user wrote on X on Friday afternoon. Instagram put up a new “limit political content” feature in settings and set it as the default for tons of accounts. Instagram limits “Political Content” and “Fact Checked Content”— meaning, they set as a default to limit conservative posts. Go to your Content Preferences in Instagram and set it to “Don’t Limit” and “Don’t Reduce” — Tyler Bowyer (@tylerbowyer) March 22, 2024INSTAGRAM IS CENSORING and that’s not new but they put a new political content limit, so if you have seen less free p@lestine content this is part of the problem🇵🇸🍉Settings -> Content Preferences -> Political Content -> Don’t Limit!!!