Iowa caucus highlights: Trump wins, DeSantis takes second in weather-impacted 2024 Republican contest

January 16, 2024

Trump to exceed 50% in Iowa, NBC News projects Trump will exceed 50% of the vote in Iowa, NBC News projects. NBC News projects Ron DeSantis comes in second in Iowa DeSantis secured a second-place finish in the Iowa caucuses, NBC News projects, coming in ahead of Haley, who will finish third. DeSantis campaign official: He has 'earned his ticket out of Iowa' A senior official with the DeSantis campaign said tonight that it's in the race for the long haul. Donald Trump wins Iowa Republican caucuses NBC News projects that Donald Trump has won the Iowa Republican caucuses, with 0.2% of the votes counted so far. “The better choice for a better America: Nikki Haley.” Haley goes on to say, “I have a different style and approach.