Iran warns 'time is up': Tehran's chilling threat as Hamas-Israel war dramatically escalates after Gaza hospital is hit by blast killing 500

October 18, 2023

It's unclear what the messages referred to, but came after an air strike on a Gaza hospital on Tuesday killed at least 500 people, according to Palestinian authorities. The Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) has called for demonstrations at Israeli embassies around the world, and the embassies of Israel's supporters. Justin Bronk, a RUSI analyst, said that Iran's threats, and the international revulsion sparked by the Gaza hospital attack, were deeply troubling in a region already on tenterhooks. Iran immediately blamed Israel for the Gaza hospital attack, with Nasser Kan'ani, a spokesman for the foreign ministry, calling it a 'savage war crime' and an instance of 'genocide.' Clashes with Palestinian security forces broke out in a number of other cities in the West Bank, which is ruled by Abbas' Palestinian Authority, late on Tuesday, witnesses said.