ISIS Women Accused of Turning Boys as Young as 13 Into a Human Stud Farm

February 23, 2023

“We are being forced to have sex with the ISIS women, to impregnate them,” Ahmet, 13, and Hamid, 14, told a guard at Camp al Hol in northeast Syria, according to Syrian Defense Force officials. Ahmet and Hamid told the staff at the newly opened Orkesh rehab center that they were subject to sexual exploitation by a group of ISIS women. Center staff told The Daily Beast that one of the boys said he was forced to have sex with eight ISIS women in just a few days. Some of the ISIS women in Camp al Hol hide this practice by giving birth without the help of the camp’s official doctors, aided by detainees who are also doctors and nurses. One boy in Camp al Roj subjected to such exploitation ended up in the hospital collapsing after being given a Viagra-like substance to make him perform.