Israel's Holocaust survivors struggle with Gaza war as trauma deepens

October 26, 2023

When night falls, Sarina Blumenfeld gets flashbacks from what she endured during the Holocaust and struggles to process the carnage that took place when Hamas Islamists entered Israel from Gaza and killed 1,400 people. Blumenfeld, 89, is one of tens of thousands of elderly survivors of the Nazi Holocaust who live in Israel and are once again facing up to the reality of war, with more than 220 Israelis taken hostage in Gaza. "I went through the Holocaust and all the wars, but it is not like before, the noise is deafening. According to the latest study published in April by the government's Holocaust Survivors' Rights Authority, there were 147,199 survivors in Israel, with an average age of 85, including 462 who were over 100. "To say that it's worse than the Nazis, I think that's the worst trigger for a Holocaust survivor."

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