It’s not just toxic chemicals. Radioactive waste was also dumped off Los Angeles coast

February 23, 2024

Now, as part of an unprecedented reckoning with the legacy of ocean dumping in Southern California, scientists have concluded the barrels may actually contain low-level radioactive waste. It’s bad we have potential low-level radioactive waste just sitting there on the seafloor. The company, now defunct, had received a permit in 1959 to dump containerized radioactive waste about 150 miles offshore, according to the U.S. Federal Register. In a 1999 report by the International Atomic Energy Agency titled “Inventory of radioactive waste disposals at sea,” a grainy map shows that at least 56,261 containers of radioactive waste were dumped into the Pacific Ocean from 1946 to 1970. Scientists have discovered DDT, military explosives and now radioactive waste off the Los Angeles coast because they knew to look.