It’s so cold and snowy in Alaska that fuel oil is thickening and roofs are collapsing

February 02, 2024

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Much of Alaska has plunged into a deep freeze, with temperatures well below zero. Anchorage has seen some of its coldest temperatures in years and the mayor opened warming facilities for people who are homeless or don’t have reliable heating. Anchorage surpassed 100 inches (2.5 meters) of snow this week, the earliest date the state’s largest city has ever hit that mark. In other far-flung towns, the thermometer hovered between minus 30 Fahrenheit (minus 34.4 Celsius) and minus 20 Fahrenheit (minus 28.9 Celsius) for days. It’s not only Fairbanks: Much of Alaska saw temperatures in the single digits or below zero on Thursday.