‘Just a lie’: Senate Republicans blast Tucker Carlson’s Jan. 6 narrative

March 08, 2023

When asked Tuesday if he had any regrets about allowing Carlson’s access to the footage, after Monday night’s depiction of Jan. 6, McCarthy said: “No.”“I said from the very beginning: transparency,” he continued. McCarthy has previously said he would release the video to other media outlets and that Carlson’s access was part of a media strategy to grant an “exclusive” that is simply normal practice for lawmakers. Senate Republicans on Tuesday avoided directly criticizing McCarthy’s decision to give Carlson the access, but they said that the undeniable result was both offensive and bad politics. ), who went on Carlson’s show early last year to apologize for describing that day as a “terrorist” attack. I think we ought to have a fair assessment of what happened.”On Tuesday, Cruz threaded a needle in how he viewed the Capitol attack.