Kevin Spacey sued by NY massage therapist for sex solicitation

October 01, 2023

A New York City massage therapist is reportedly suing actor Kevin Spacey, alleging the 64-year-old actor booked several massages with him at a Flatiron District hotel, then solicited sexual favors. The unidentified plaintiff claims his encounters with “The Usual Suspects” star happened in the late summer of 2016 at the New York Edition Hotel, according to TMZ. Spacey allegedly booked appointments under an alias and insisted on wearing a ski mask during his rubdowns. He’s accused of complimenting the massage therapist on his appearance, badgering him to commit sexual acts and guiding the worker’s hand toward his own genitalia. The two-time Academy Award winner was accused of similar behavior in 2016 by a different massage therapist in California, who died in 2019 before the case could go to court, according to The Hollywood Reporter.