LAPD suggests protester group wants to ‘stop’ the Oscars ceremony: report

March 09, 2024

The Los Angeles Police Department is enhancing security efforts in an effort to prevent demonstrators from stealing the spotlight from Sunday’s star-studded night, according to reports. In a report published Wednesday, the New York Times said the LAPD was increasing its presence at the Academy Awards in Hollywood in anticipation of protests relating to the Israel-Hamas War. Randy Goddard, even suggested that at least one group “would like to stop the Academy Awards.”“It’s going to be our goal to ensure that the Academy Awards is successful, that guests can arrive safely and get into the venue,” Goddard told the Times. According to the report, Goddard said protesters could block city streets ahead of the Oscars or even near Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre, where the iconic awards show is set to take place. The streets near the theatre are, of course, already closed as of Friday as crews prepare for the star-studded festivities.