Laura Ingraham’s Producer Complained Host Kept Pushing Trump’s ‘BS’ About the 2020 Election: ‘Going to Give Me a F*cking Aneurysm’

February 17, 2023

Several Fox News hosts followed suit and also platformed a slew of election deniers. In particular, Dominion Voting Systems came under heavy scrutiny from the network’s talent, who suggested the company’ machines were part of a conspiracy to steal the election from Trump. A filing by the company on Thursday includes texts from Tommy Firth (pages 29-30), a producer for The Ingraham Angle. Firth tells a Fox News executive that Ingraham insists on pushing “bs”:By November 12, Dominion became a focal point of discussion within multiple shows at Fox. That day, Ingraham’s producer Tommy Firth texted Ron Mitchell, one of the Fox executives responsible for overseeing Ingraham’s show.