LGBTQ Ugandans desperately seek safety from anti-gay law

April 01, 2023

But that is cold comfort to LGBTQ Ugandans like 19-year-old Alex -- whose name, like that of other interviewees, has been changed for safety reasons. From neighbouring Kenya to distant South Africa and stretching to Europe and North America, LGBTQ Ugandans who have already gone into exile trade tips and advice on finding safe spaces and navigating immigration bureaucracy. "I would really love to leave Uganda," said Alex, who shares a tiny apartment in a suburb of Kampala with three flatmates, its curtains perpetually drawn to avoid prying eyes. Philemon, who owns a bar in Kampala, has tried to leave Uganda to join his partner in Denmark but has twice been denied a visa, straining their relationship. Like other LGBTQ Ugandans, the teenager is trying to leave the country, but has few options.