Long Island shark attacks on record-setting pace after 5 swimmers bit so far this summer

July 08, 2023

Long Island shark bites are happening at a fast and furious pace this year, one that is soon likely to shatter its record eight attacks in 2022. So far five swimmers have been bitten in the waters off South Shore beaches since Monday — but experts urged bathers to cool their jet skis. Five swimmers have been bitten by sharks off the South Shore beaches since Monday. Five of the 2022 Long Island shark attacks took place within three weeks in July, including lifeguards bitten on July 3 and July 7; two men chomped on in separate incidents within hours on July 13; and a 16-year-old surfer gnawed on July 20. “There were 12,000 bites in the state of New York last year that required hospitalization and all of them came from humans,” Peterson joked.