Luke Russert’s Washington fairy tale is still missing an ending

May 06, 2023

© Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post Luke Russert, son of renowned journalists Maureen Orth and the late Tim Russert, has written a book, “Look for Me There: Grieving My Father, Finding Myself.”It unfolded like a Washington fairy tale: A beloved king dies. Russert is the scion of Washington media royalty: Tim Russert, political wunderkind turned Sunday show superstar, and Maureen Orth, a celebrated journalist of Newsweek and Vanity Fair fame. Because Russert has come back from his odyssey in a very Washington way: with a book to sell. “It suddenly feels terrifying.”© Family photo/Family photo A young Luke with his father, Tim, at NBC News. “This isn’t self-growth, and it’s far, far away from self-care.”© Paul Morigi/WireImage for Niche Media/Getty Images Tim Russert, Maureen Orth and Luke Russert.