Lurid new 'partygate' details imperil Johnson comeback

January 13, 2023

Boris Johnson in July invoked Cincinnatus in his resignation speech - the Roman statesman also returned to high officeLondon (AFP) – Former UK prime minister Boris Johnson has made no secret of his hopes of a dramatic political comeback. "We all watched it live and we were just gobsmacked," one Downing Street source who attended parties told ITV. Johnson -- along with eventual successor Rishi Sunak -- was fined by London police for another Downing Street event in June 2020 that violated his own government's rules on social distancing. Nothing has gone right for us since the day they removed Boris Johnson," Dorries told TalkTV on Tuesday. Johnson supporter Nadine Dorries is among those backing Johnson for a return © Daniel LEAL / AFPA spokesman for Johnson did not deny that he said the "most unsocially distanced party" line.