Macron accused of authoritarianism after threat to cut off social media

July 06, 2023

Emmanuel Macron is facing a backlash after threatening to cut off social media networks as a means of stopping the spread of violence during periods of unrest. But I think it’s a real debate that we need to have in the cold light of day,” Macron told the mayors in a video obtained by BFM television. Instead of debating the issue of police violence … we are diverting to the responsibility of the social media networks and parents,” Ouassak told BFM television. The president had made it clear he wanted a “calm and considered” debate about the role of social media on the recent unrest, the source said. Véran said the government had made a “firm request” to social media platforms to take down materials encouraging violence as quickly as possible and remove the anonymity of those possibly breaking the law.