Man Busted For Slapping Wife In Face With Slice Of Pizza, Cops Say

March 21, 2023

Man Busted For Slapping Wife In Face With Slice Of Pizza, Cops Say ShareTweetA Florida Man slapped his wife in the face with a slice of pizza during an argument in their residence, according to cops who reported that the alleged crime scene was sauce splattered. Police were dispatched Friday afternoon to a residence in Marion County in response to a “911 hang-up.” Upon arriving at the home, officers encountered Ortelio Alfonso, 39, who said he had a “verbal altercation” with his spouse, according to a probable cause affidavit. The victim, however, said the dispute turned violent, telling officers that Alfonso “grabbed a slice of pizza and slapped her in the left side of her face with it.” The woman said the couple had been arguing about the disciplining of their son. A cop noted that the woman had pizza sauce all over her shirt and the “remnants of pizza in her hair and ear area.” Additionally, the officer reported, “I observed there to be pizza sauce on the walls and the ceiling of the kitchen area which further corroborated the victim’s statement.”After being handcuffed and read his rights, Alfonso reportedly admitted striking the victim “with the slice of pizza in the face,” adding that he threw the pizza and “did not physically strike the victim with his hands, just with the pizza.”Pictured above, Alfonso was arrested on a misdemeanor battery count and booked into the county jail (from which he was released Saturday). Alfonso, who works for a landscaping firm and lives in an Ocala suburb, is scheduled for a March 29 court appearance.