Many Americans fear a recession as severe as 2008 could be coming. Here’s what experts say

July 08, 2023

To that point, 68% are expecting a recession in the next six months, and 80% of those respondents expect it to be severe. Experts weigh in3 reasons it can be smarter to rent, even if you can buy Yet, predictions from various experts are not as dire. watch nowAt Raymond James, the current forecast calls for a "very, very mild" recession, according to chief economist Eugenio Aleman. Raymond James is predicting a 1.3% growth rate for 2023 and 0.6% for 2024 — which coincides with the firm's forecast for a "very, very mild recession," Aleman said. To cope with high inflation, Nationwide's survey found more than half of respondents are eating out less, with 54%.