Map reveals all the space junk we’ve already littered on Mars

February 02, 2024

We’re already dropping junk on Mars (Picture: Getty/Science Photo Libra)News that the Mars helicopter Ingenuity had broken a blade and could no longer fly was a sad day for fans of the pioneering chopper. While operational, the rovers aren’t classed as space junk, but sadly for those who crash landed or have since ‘died’, they’re all in the trash tally. Mars is littered with junk (Picture: @NASAPersevere Twitter)Some missions have left more dramatic evidence of their presence however – particularly those that failed. ‘It’s common for space missions to discard debris and rovers/helicopters sometimes come across debris fields while exploring,’ he said. MORE : Nasa’s $85,000,000 Mars toy has broken so it’s Mission: Officially OverMORE : Mysterious blue orb spotted on Mars by Nasa roverMORE : ‘Russian space junk’ streaks through Melbourne sky like a meteor