Maui snorkeling company blasted for continuing trips for tourists: 'Shame on you'

August 14, 2023

Disrespectful snorkeling tourists in Hawaii asked to leaveA video that has been viewed nearly a quarter of a million times appears to show a snorkeling boat close to the coast of Maui. “Shame on this company right here,” the person taking the video says. “Look at all these tourists frolicking in the water…unreal!”The video, originally shared by Instagram user @KapunaFarms, shows a small boat from the company “Maui Snorkeling” and a couple dozen tourists swimming nearby. Follow our social media accounts here on Express US and @ExpressUSNewsDozens have been killed in Maui wildfire, leaving the town of Lahaina devastated. Amidst the rising death toll from the Maui wildfire, authorities are projecting a multibillion-dollar expense for the restoration of Lahaina, a once-idyllic town now scarred by the devastation.