Maui wildfire death toll rises to 80, with 1,500 still missing, making blaze worst natural disaster in Hawaii state history

August 12, 2023

Maui County government confirmed that 80 people were now known to have perished in the worst natural disaster to hit Hawaii since it became a state. The February 2022 report, entitled 'State of Hawaii Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan - Base Plan', detailed potential threats to those living on the island. The plan 'describes and establishes the organizational framework the state will use to document and socialize the many strategic, operational, and tactical emergency management plans, policies, and procedures that make up the State Comprehensive Emergency Management Program.' The authors claim: 'Through the execution of this document, state emergency management activities will increase in effectivity, to the benefit of all public and private entities as well as state residents and visitors.' The document said tsunamis posed the greatest threat, with a high risk to people, property, the environment and emergency management program operations.