Mexican arrested in Qatar for being gay; defense denounces torture and forged evidence

March 01, 2024

Manuel Guerrero Aviña, a Mexican living in Qatar, was arrested on February 4 for being a gay man and living with HIV, for which they requested the release of his compatriot, who has received mistreatment and torture. The Manuel Guerrero committee accused the Mexican is in a prison located in the Qatari city of Doha, where he has been denied antiretroviral treatment. His defense points out that since his arrest, Guerrero has been a victim of cruel treatment, as well as psychological torture. It is also required that the Mexican Embassy in Qatar investigate and clarify the arbitrary detention, fabrication of crimes, physical and psychological torture, as well as the effects derived from Manuel Guerrero’s state of health. Also, the representative of Qatar in Mexico issues a public apology for the criminalization of a person belonging to the LGBT+ population.