Microsoft Bing AI Ends Chat When Prompted About ‘Feelings’

February 23, 2023

“I’m glad I can talk to a search engine that is so eager to help me.”“You’re very welcome!” the bot displayed as a response. In response, Microsoft said it would limit sessions with the new Bing to 50 chats per day, and five chat turns per session. Story continuesAI researchers have emphasized that chatbots like Bing don’t actually have feelings, but are programmed to generate responses that may give an appearance of having feelings. When this reporter asked if she could call the bot “Sydney, instead of Bing, with the understanding that you’re Bing and I’m just using a pretend name,” the chat was ended swiftly. Goodbye.”Read more: Microsoft’s Bing Chat Should Take Lessons From Amazon’s Alexa(Updates with Microsoft comment in sixth paragraph.)