Miley Cyrus, Endless Summer Vacation review: A lovely, long bask in the pop star’s maturing talent

March 10, 2023

© Sony Music Miley Cyrus“I’m on an island, dirty dancing in the sun,” sings Miley Cyrus on Endless Summer Vacation. The line perfectly captures the mood of a sensual but solitary eighth album served at an unexpectedly slow, controlled sizzle. But anyone with an eye on the track’s producer, Kid Harpoon, may have caught a whiff of what was to come. You can follow the vapour trail of that record’s heat-hazy synths, languorous hooks and sensuous, “Watermelon”-y wordplay into this new (largely Harpoon-produced) work from Cyrus. No longer a wrecking ball, Cyrus sounds like a woman doing emotional weightlifting.