More than 60% of US abortions in 2023 were done by pill, study shows

March 20, 2024

That in turn led to a growing reliance on a two-pill regimen to terminate pregnancies, with U.S. abortions administered by pill increasing 10% since 2020, according to the Guttmacher Institute, an abortion rights advocacy group. The Institute's report is published every three years and based on data collected from U.S. abortion providers. The survey found over 1 million total abortions were provided through the U.S. healthcare system in 2023, the first time that number exceeded a million since 2012. That decision is on hold pending Supreme Court action. The Guttmacher survey found the 2023 increase in total abortions was concentrated in states where terminating a pregnancy remains legal and which are adjacent to states that have banned abortion.