Morocco winter breaks heat records: meteorologists

March 06, 2024

Rabat (AFP) – Morocco experienced record heat this winter, including the hottest January since measurements began, the country's meteorological department told AFP, placing the blame on climate change. In January, the average temperature hit a record, "exceeding 3.8C (38.8F) above normal for the period 1991-2020," said Houcine Youaabed, the head of communications for the meteorological department. It is the "hottest month of January since the first measurements in 1940," he told AFP. Temperature anomalies in January 2024 © Gal ROMA, Jean-Michel CORNU / AFP/FileThe previous record was set in January 2016, when the average temperature was 2.9C (37.2F) above normal. Multiple records tumbled, including in the coastal town of Safi, in Morocco's west, which hit 35.6C (96F).