‘National Customer Rage Survey’ points to troubling trend among US consumers

March 13, 2023

Of those, 63% said they felt some sort of “customer rage” during attempts to resolve the issue — which is the same “rage” percentage observed in the 2020 edition, albeit one that now represents a larger number of infuriated consumers. We’re also yelling at and/or raising our voices during 43% of our interactions with customer service, the survey suggests. As noted in the full “rage” report, many consumers can’t seem to agree on what counts as “uncivil” behavior. In 1976, for example, a government survey found that only 32% of consumers had issues with a purchase or service during the previous year. Companies attempt to deal with growing dissatisfaction in a number of ways, like outsourcing their customer service department, setting up overseas call centers, or even investing in robotic or automated systems.