New 'diaper spa' where adults roleplay as babies shocks tiny New Hampshire town

February 01, 2024

A new spa catering to "diaper-wearing" adults who want to role-play as young children has opened in a small town in New Hampshire, alarming some local residents. "The Diaper Spa," in Atkinson, N.H., says it is an "ageplay-friendly, adult diaper spa" to "nurture and pamper all diaper lovers and enthusiasts in richly immersive experiences." Locals started a petition to urge Atkinson officials to reject any business and zoning licenses and applications for the spa. Thus their sexual fetish will involve the town park where our children play. "The Diaper Spa was created to provide a safe and non-judgmental space for these individuals to process, decompress, and regress through various therapeutic activities," she added.