New Matt Schlapp Subpoenas Target Document-Shredding at CPAC

February 22, 2024

The court records show subpoenas to other key witnesses, as well, including CPAC officials and other alleged victims. Herschel Walker Staffer: Matt Schlapp ‘Groped’ My CrotchThe accusations surfaced last January, when The Daily Beast first reported that a conservative political operative claimed that Schlapp sexually assaulted him in his car in October 2022. He followed up on those claims with a multimillion-dollar sexual battery and defamation lawsuit against Schlapp, his wife Mercedes Schlapp, and CPAC itself, which is headed for a jury trial in June. Shredded items allegedly included some personal documents belonging to Schlapp, according to communications from a CPAC employee at the time, which were reviewed by The Daily Beast. Matt Schlapp Boasts About Banning Liberal Media From Now-Irrelevant CPACThe new complaint charged CPAC with negligent retention of an official and conspiracy.