New pandemic fears as deadly bird flu mutation could infect humans 'just like Covid'

January 26, 2023

Invalid email Something went wrong, please try again later. For out-of-this-world news, sign up for the Spaced Out newsletterA deadly strain of avian bird flu has mutated and can now impact mammals, prompting experts to warn that humans are now “playing with fire”. Just a year after most of the world came out of a pandemic, news of the new strain of bird flu has sparked fears of a new one after 50 million poultry were slaughtered in Europe in the space of one year. And a new scientific study into the strain has shown the avian flu has been transmitted from wild birds to a group of mink on a farm in the Spanish city of La Coruna. It claims the Coronavirus was passed from farmed minks to humans during the pandemic – and it can happen against with the new strain of avian flu, labelled as HPAI H5N1.