Nikki Haley’s Last Dance (Or, the Hillary Clinton of It All)

March 08, 2024

This year, after initially agreeing with Alabama’s ruling that embryos are people, she began openly discussing her own fertility treatment. Permanently.” and raising $12 million in February—Haley became more eager to embrace identity politics, putting out a campaign ad about “strong girls” and referring to herself more frequently as a historic minority candidate. After New Hampshire, Haley’s shopworn line that “strong girls become strong women and strong women become strong leaders” now left out the red meat tag she used in Iowa—“and none of that happens if we have biological boys playing in girls sports”—which had seemed like the entire point of the line. But as Hillary Clinton learned, celebrating womanhood has never been a strong political asset, not even for Democrats. A big part of Haley’s pitch was the promise of a return to “normal.” “Our children,” she said repeatedly, “deserve to know what normal feels like.”