On Trump Force One, KFC Is On The Menu and 45 Is Still President

March 17, 2023

Look no further than the recreation of Air Force One protocols on his recent trip to Iowa, the key Republican early-voting primary state. His Boeing 757, dubbed “Trump Force One,” a blue, red and white plane with his last name in bold, gold lettering, was visible from the road near the private Palm Beach airport, just as Air Force One was when Trump would visit Mar-a-Lago as president. The small group of reporters traveling with Trump on March 13 were given gold, octagonal lanyards that said “Trump Force One Press Pool,” near-replicas of those issued during his administration. Trump traveled to Iowa three days after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, whom Trump has called his strongest challenger for the GOP nomination. In Iowa, Trump was greeted on the tarmac by local Republicans in a similar fashion to Air Force One’s arrival in a given state.