Oprah Winfrey holds back tears as she opens up about food obsession during obesity battle - but is slammed online for glorified 'hour- long commercial for Ozempic' that was cushioned with Weight Watch

March 20, 2024

Oprah fought back tears on Monday night during her weight loss specialShe brought on guests and discussed her own experience with weight loss drugsHer exit caused Weight Watchers shares to crash 20 percent. One viewer accused her of having 'all her bases covered' by bringing on both the CEO of Weight Watchers and the pharmaceutical leaders. Oprah has visibly lost weight in recent months, having shed more than 40lbs with the help of the weight loss drug. Rumors that she was taking Ozempic started to circulate last year, until she admitted she had started taking an unnamed weight loss drug in December. She added that her fitness and health routine are integral to maintaining her weight loss saying: 'It's everything.