Pain-sensing gut neurons protect against inflammation - Chiropractic + Naturopathic Doctor

March 02, 2024

Neurons that sense pain protect the gut from inflammation and associated tissue damage by regulating the microbial community living in the intestines, according to a study from researchers at Weill Cornell Medicine. The researchers, whose report appears Oct. 14 in Cell, found in a preclinical model that pain-sensing neurons in the gut secrete a molecule called substance P, which appears to protect against gut inflammation and related tissue damage by boosting the population of beneficial microbes in the gut. Scientists now appreciate that gut-dwelling bacteria and other microbes also help regulate gut inflammation. This result demonstrated that TRPV1-expressing nerves protect the gut mainly by helping to maintain a healthy gut microbe population. “These patients had disrupted pain-sensing nerves, which may have contributed to their chronic inflammation,” Dr. Zhang said.

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