Passengers on flight where a man was stabbed blame BA for providing 'an endless supply of alcohol'

July 06, 2023

Shaken onlookers claimed a large group of men spent hours 'loudly partying with an endless supply of alcohol' provided by BA staff, as well as approaching multiple female passengers, whom they harassed or 'grabbed', before the incident. One woman said: 'The main aggressor was behaving terribly in the lead up to the incident, the BA staff were perhaps too intimidated to regain control but the atmosphere was clearly leading to some kind of incident. 'A handful of men were lingering at the back of plane for hours, loudly partying with an endless supply of alcohol provided by the BA staff. A second woman, who was sat in the same cabin where the attack unfolded, claimed BA staff 'ignored' the group as they were 'harassing female passengers', leaving them in tears. A spokesman for St Lucia police said the matter was under investigation, adding: 'We are looking into this with immediate effect.