Pharmacists 'running low on supplies of cold and flu medicines amid huge demand'

January 03, 2023

Superdrug said current demand exceeded 'its biggest week in the pandemic'Pharmacists are running out of stocks of the most common cold and flu medicines, amid a huge demand for over-the-counter remedies. The 'higher demand' has seen medicines like Lemsip and Day and Night Nurse, as well as other own-brand cold and flu treatments selling out, with pharmacists taking pictures of depleted shelves. Have you noticed cold and flu medicines running out at your local pharmacy? Meanwhile Superdrug said it was currently experiencing 'exceptionally high demand' both for their branded and own-brand cold and flu products. Niamh McMillan Superdrug pharmacy superintendent, added that demand for their own-brand remedies had exceeded the demand seen during 'its biggest week in the Covid-19 pandemic'.