Pilot makes 360-degree turn to let passengers view northern lights

March 01, 2023

© PA Winter weather Feb 27th 2023An easyJet flight made a 360-degree turn to allow its passengers to watch an “amazing display” of the northern lights as it flew over the northern tip of the UK. On Monday evening, passengers on flight U21806 from Reykjavik in Iceland to Manchester Airport were able to take pictures of the celestial spectacle after the pilot decided to perform the circular turn. “Our crew will always go above and beyond for our customers and we’re delighted to have been able to share this special view of the northern lights with them.”Photographs of the northern lights taken by the easyJet passengers have been shared widely on social media, showing hues of green and pink lighting up the night sky. Register now for one of the Evening Standard’s newsletters. From a daily news briefing to Homes & Property insights, plus lifestyle, going out, offers and more.