Posture Check!

November 04, 2023

We’ve talked about good “office job” posture in “Watch Your Back…at Work” and doled out a few helpful posture tips for kids in “Neck and Back Health: Is Your Child Making the Grade?” but today we’re going to focus solely on standing posture. Quite a bit goes into developing and maintaining good posture, so we’re going to try to keep things simple. It may be helpful for us to focus on three particular aspects of posture: strength, balance, and alignment. StrengthYour core strength both affects your posture and is affected by your posture. Sources:AARP: Stand Up Straight: How to Improve Your PostureHarvard Health Publishing: Why Good Posture MattersHuffPost: Standing Up Straight Might Not Be as Beneficial as We ThoughtMayo Clinic: Good Posture Tips

The source of this news is from Chiro Health USA